Payment methods

Buy Firearms Online Using Bitcoins

Our main Payment method is Bitcoins (BTC). We however do accept other payments like Apple Pay and Zelle But you will have to contact your vendor or direct website support on the guidelines to buy firearms online using these other payment methods without the risk of suspended accounts or cancelation of transaction.

According to GunTab, all the major electronic Payment systems prohibit firearm sales, and most (including PayPal) forbid ammo sales too. Our primary concern is PayPal because it is vital to our membership system.

Payment platform rules on firearms​

All the major payment platforms prohibit firearms.


“Merchant may never use the Adyen services in relation to … Trade of weapons, ammunitions, military arms, explosive devices and firearm parts”
Adyen Restricted & Prohibited List as of 2018-12-05

Amazon Payments​

“Prohibited Items and Activities [include] ammunition, guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, other firearms”
Amazon Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-03-11

Apple Pay​

“You may not incorporate Apple Pay into a website that … Offers transactions involving … firearms, weapons, or ammunition”
Acceptable Use Guidelines for Apple Pay on the Web as of 2019-06-13


“You may not use the Payment Services in connection with … weapons and munitions”
Braintree Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-03-11​

“Users shall not utilize the Site or the Services in connection with any Transaction that … involves any munitions or firearm” Terms of Use as of 2019-04-10
Note: Not technically a payment platform.


Commerce (including Marketplace and Instagram Shopping): “Listings may not promote the buying, selling, or use of weapons, ammunition, and explosives.”
Facebook Commerce Policies as of 2021-01-20

Payments: “P2P … payments relating to the following activities are prohibited regardless of whether the activity is illegal in your location: (a) weapons, ammunitions, or explosives”
Facebook Community Payments Terms as of 2019-01-28

Google Pay

“Unacceptable product categories [include] Firearms, ammunition, and other items including but not limited to firearms”
Google Payments center content policies as of 2019-03-11


“Providing any of the products or services listed below will result in immediate termination of your Account… Online, mail order or telephone order guns and firearms sales (excluding accessories)”
Helcim Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-06-13

Intuit Payments​

“If you fall into one of the following categories and/or accept payment for the following prohibited activities, you are ineligible (or may become ineligible) to use our Services … [mail order, phone, or online] firearms and weapons sales”
Intuit Payments Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-03-11


“You may not use the PayPal service for activities that … relate to transactions involving … ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories”
PayPal Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-03-11


“You may not use the PayStand Services in any way that … relates to sales of … ammunition, firearms or certain parts of accessories”
PayStand Acceptable Use Policy as of 2019-06-13


“It is strictly forbidden to send or receive payments as consideration for the sale or supply of … weapons (including without limitation, knives, guns, firearms or ammunition)”
Skrill Terms of Use as of 2019-03-11

Square and Square Cash​

“You may not … use the Services for the sale of firearms, firearm parts, ammunition, weapons or other devices designed to cause physical harm”
Square General Terms of Service as of 2019-03-11


“The following categories of businesses and business practices are prohibited from using the Stripe Service … weapons and munitions”
Stripe Prohibited Businesses list as of 2019-03-11


“You may not use Venmo to conduct transactions that … involve ammunition, firearms, firearm parts or accessories and any weapons or knives regulated under applicable law”
Venmo Helpful Information as of 2019-03-11


“By registering for WePay as a Merchant, you also confirm that you will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with … Firearms, including ammunition”
WePay Terms of Service as of 2019-03-11
Note: “FreshBooks Payments is powered by WePay” and subject to the same Terms of Service


“You agree that you will not use the Service to request, send or receive money related to … Firearms, ammunition or other weapons”
Zelle Network User Service Agreement as of 2019-06-09